A sliver of my life.

"They'd like to see through me, but nothing is more opaque than absolute transparency." — Margaret Atwood, 
"Helen of Troy Does Countertop Dancing"

I'm Liz. I'm a rolling stone (what's so great about moss, anyway?) who lives in Pittsburgh after stops all over Florida, plus the Bronx, the Dominican Republic and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I like painting my face and burying it in a book, and I want to one day write books that people can bury their faces in. As a kid, I was encouraged to go to school in teal raccoon liner or bright orange lip gloss, so whatever shyness I had and have doesn't extend to makeup or clothes. I like to experiment with cosmetics, but am against looking like you're wearing a mask. My style is colorful and body-conscious, but hold the bandage dresses — I like to show off my curves without showing a ton of skin.

"You're funny" is my favorite compliment. I'm a serial hobbyist and fangirl. My attention is at any moment fixated on knitting, Doctor Who, The Hunger Games, tarot cards, screenwriting, yoga, or whatever else I'm into that week. The first website I ever made was a Harry Potter fan site in middle school, and I wrote fanfiction. Yes, my fanfiction page is still online. No, you can't read it.

My best work.

I have a scrumptious YouTube channel, which you should check out here.

Reach me at glowingclever@gmail.com.

On Twitter: @lizandstripes