Spring vibes

I'm feeling major flower-child vibes for spring after really leaning into edgier fashions during winter.

Let's break down some of my Pinspiration for my spring sartorial choices:

Floral (and printed) everything: I really want a pair of floral high-waisted shorts. I'm loving prints on everything. I just DIY'ed floral white jeans and sewed up and tie-dyed a kimono inspired cardigan. That's one silhouette I'm really digging and I could see myself getting a few of the drapey pieces and wearing them with cutoffs and gladiators sandals.

Skin-baring cutouts and crop tops: I'm on this body-positive journey and I really want to get comfortable showing a little more skin. That means cutouts, maybe some crop tops paired with higher waistlines to show just a sexy inch or so, and lower necklines perfect for showing off strappy bralettes a la Ilana on Broad City.

High-impact shoes: Fun story. I bought a pair of Chelsea boots and wore them for the first time on the day of a blizzard. I was just sitting in my chair at the office when, suddenly, I heard a loud rip, and the bobo AF elastic had just broken off. I still want a pair of those boots, because I think they'll go with everything and add that rocker touch I like. Less attainable? The Arabian Night Tieks I'm lusting after. I can't really justify dropping $345 on a pair of shoes. Or can I?

Nude lip: I've been leaning toward more natural makeup looks, but want to step my eyeshadow game back up with bright colors paired with nude lipstick.

Hair jewelry and accessories: Can you tell I'm really into florals right now? I've worn a flower in my hair a few times and loved the ethereal, "I'm just dancing through a field" look. And hair jewelry really elevates simple looks like buns. Maybe I'll throw a floppy hat into the rotation, too.

Rose gold hair: I'm flirting with the idea of this as my next hue. That or maybe going caramel blonde, so then I'll be light enough to possibly go bright red when fall comes around. But I'm getting way ahead of myself.

Rompers and full skirts and colored denim!: I want to incorporate really fun statement pieces into my spring wardrobe and wear them in a super casual, "I just threw this on" sort of way.

What are you coveting for your spring wardrobe?

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