Every day is a good day for sequins

A sequin skirt goes with everything. Period. You can dress it up or dress it down. This one is from Love, Alana on Etsy. (FYI if you're interested in buying — the skirt is super well-made, but the lining keeps riding up, so just be mindful of that.) I like contrasts and wearing stuff that does not go together at all and making it go together, so I wore it with this adorable Wonder Woman shirt, which I knotted to the side (my new favorite wardrobe hack) and winterized it with opaque tights and my little librarian booties. I think this would be really cute with a boyfriend shirt and you can make it smaller with the knot. Another wardrobe hack I love, especially with boatneck tops? Double-sided fashion tape. I stick it onto my bra straps, press the shirt on, and boom, no having to pull the shirt up constantly to hide my bra straps.

I took a bunch of other shots to show how versatile a sequin skirt is. You can make it look preppy cool with stripes and a cardigan, cozy it up with a sweater, go casual and edgy with a denim shirt or pair it with plaid and accent your waist. 

Are you ready to be daring and add a sequin skirt to your wardrobe?

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