DIY tie dye loose cardigan

Do you ever just get a bug in your brain that says, "I HAVE to have something, this thing needs to exist and be mine?" That's how I felt after watching LaurDIY's awesome DIY kimono tutorial. I suddenly had to have one ... but tie dyed. Can you believe I'd never, ever done tie dye before? Crazy.

I bought four yards (I really only needed maybe two) of cotton and, after work, got to cutting and hand-sewing this kimono-inspired cardigan. Let me be totally honest — I did the worst, laziest sewing job. I may or may not own a sewing machine (if it's in this house and I didn't sell it on Craigslist, I have no idea where it actually is). When I tossed this in the dryer after rinsing out the dye, I had to actually redo a sleeve because it completely unraveled. I love the final result enough that I'll probably re-hem it with a sewing machine or ask someone who knows what they're doing with a sewing machine to do it for me. But lack of skill/willingness to make a full-assed effort aside, this was a fun, easy project and it's so on-trend.

I love the Blanche Devereaux goes to Coachella and has taken a part-time job as your eccentric art teacher vibe of this. 

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