Oil slick hair! My first (but certainly not last) foray into fashion colors

If you don't want to see a million iPhone selfies of my hair, look away now!

I recently went to Salon Ivy in Pittsburgh (shoutout to Chelsea, the miracle worker!) with a bunch of Pinterest pics and a sort of vague request for oil slick hair. I looked at swatches of Pravana hair colors, picked magenta, green, blue and purple, and proceeded to get my ends bleached in a sliced ombre then wrapped in foils. Chelsea mixed her own blend of the colors (I think the blue may have been a different brand than Pravana that I don't know the name of, or a mixture of Pravana and something else)
I apologize for the quality of the photos, because like I said, they are iPhone selfies, and if I get time one of these days and great lighting, I'll try to capture the color with my big girl camera.
Me with an ombre fro. Think I could rock this


Final result, backlit

Colorful updo

Through the miracle of Olaplex, my hair is super soft, even more manageable than before I bleached it, and I've experienced zero breakage.

My stylist placed the pink at the bottom because I wanted the look to be subtle for work, then did a layer of green, then blue, then purple. Between, on the sides, we did another slice of pink and another slice of green. That's really evident when my hair is straight, which gives the color a completely different vibe. I love that in some lights you can't really tell and maybe just see a tinge of purple, and in others, it's ba-BAM!

I love this do and it's kind of set off an addiction. I blame Guy Tang on YouTube. I'm all over Pinterest saving ideas. Next I think I'll do rose gold, or maybe that same green all over because I love it much more than I expected. But for now, I'm digging this beautiful set of colors.

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