On the struggle bus

I want to be this.

But usually, I feel like this.

I'm dealing with a LOT right now. Working like crazy, stressing out, dealing with triggers that are flaring up a lot of my Issues. I was going to write a longer post, but I don't really feel like that's necessary. I kind of just wanted to come to this space, because I know that some people (miraculously) are still interested and still read it, to say that, yeah, this blog is still a thing, I've just been really busy and dealing with a lot and not feeling inspired. I can't promise that will change anytime soon, and if I post, it may continue to be sporadic.

But thank you for reading. I appreciate you. I'm going to try to let the strongest part of me run the show, so send me a good thought if you want so I can make that happen.

And maybe also throw in a good thought for me getting a tropical vacation sometime soon. Because I could use some sunlight and Blue Hawaiians and listening to the ocean while I read a trashy book.

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