A Very Ms. Marvel Halloween

I dressed up as Ms. Marvel for Halloween.

Not this Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers.

Who later switched to a more efficient getup as Captain Marvel.

But rather this one, my girl Kamala Khan.

I've read three volumes of Ms. Marvel starring Kamala and I'm obsessed. Beyond being a huge step forward for diversity as Marvel's first Muslim-American superhero, and beyond being a super cool shapeshifting badass who happens to have the kindest, gentlest heart, she's just so real. She has complicated relationships with her friends and classmates, she gets crushes, she butts heads with her parents, she's struggling to find out who she is, she's learning how to stand strong in her values while realizing that sometimes there's no easy solution (like her mentor Wolverine told her, sometimes you can't avoid causing pain to defeat an enemy who would cause others pain, because the pain has to go somewhere).

I got the pieces for my costume at Wal-Mart and Target. I already had the red shirt, and I ordered the boots from I made the lightning bolt with duct tape. I think the effect is pretty uncanny. I was excited to tell my co-workers who don't know about Ms. Marvel her backstory (any excuse to nerd out is great) and I was even more excited by the couple of people who got my costume right away.

Not me making that peace sign, although it sure looks like it.

Definitely was a fan of this costume vs. the last time I dressed up as Wendy Testaburger from South Park and was stunned that no one got it.

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