OOTD: Fall color

Jacket, H&M | Shirt, J. Crew | Skull dress, Hot Topic | Tights, Wal-Mart | Shoes, Clarks | Scarf, handmade
My wardrobe is full of bright colors, so fall style for me is about transitioning how I layer, not what shades I drape myself in. I just love a bright, especially in the dreary weather.

I like outfits that are decidedly feminine but not too delicate. My skull dress frequently gets mistaken for a floral or paisley until someone inspects it further, and there's something very Hocus Pocus witchy about my conservative (super super comfortable) shoes. And of course, a leather jacket toughens it up and ties everything together.

I was disappointed in these tights. I was stoked that they were less than $5 at Wal-Mart, but even though they're supposedly fleeced (read: they aren't), they're basically slightly thicker pantyhose, not super opaque and have weird seams up the butt. But. They work with this dress, so there's that.

My style can be kind of young, so I like some sophisticated touches, like these leaf earrings I'm pretty sure were from Little Black Bag. 

This scarf is a knitting project I just finished. I adapted it from this pattern and instead of doing equal-sized stripes, I just freestyled. I love being able to create a custom garment and feel that sense of pride when I get a compliment and can respond, "Thanks! I made it!"

One thing I'm mindful of in the fall is that when I dress in layers, I want to still be in a cohesive outfit when I remove layers. I like how the gold buttons on my shirt echo the clasps on my shoes and my earrings.

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