A few home decor details

I want to share a few snapshots of home decor details. Our new rental is the nicest place we've lived in Pittsburgh, and I've been in a real nesting mood with the extra space, especially in my writing room/vanity area/library.

Paintings above my writing desk

Owl lamp from Wal-Mart
The funny devotional candle was from a metaphysical bookstore in Santa Fe, N.M.,
and the Tobacco & Patchouli candle was from Barnes & Noble.

I got these Ohuhu makeup storage drawers on Amazon

Eric found this jewelry armoire at a thrift shop, and I store my perfumes on top

Living room accent wall

My sworn enemy
Wood tiles from World Market. These lamps were a dingy white until Eric spray-painted them

Ektorp couch is from Ikea. The throw and the outer pillows are from Wal-Mart,
and the inner pillows are from World Market

Accent wall accent under the stairs, and a dancing fella
Handknit and Harry Potter

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