Original Moxie Shape Shifter review

You might say that Original Moxie's Shape Shifter cream and I could write a bad romance.

The first time we met, I was introduced to this flexible-hold marvel by Pittsburgh's curl whisperer. But this attractive tub came with a lot of baggage — a $32.99 price tag. My curls did look banging, so I took a sample home, did some Internet stalking of reviews, and finally decided to start this relationship.

What has followed has been a test of my will. I've tried to use this sparingly, but it works so much better when I slather it on. The slippery cream works best on soaking wet hair, and it elongates and defines my curls, making them so bouncy and pliable with the softest hold of any styler I've tried. And it smells amazing, like a thick, rich and just slightly spicy dessert. It makes my hair irresistibly touchable. It tames the frizz from my trouble spots. It's perfect to add to second or third day hair to redefine. Getting the front of my hair to spiral without manipulation is next to impossible. Enough of this stuff makes it a breeze.

I have fallen in love.

My hair on wash day after using Shape Shifter. I added some Deva Curl Shine Spray and Original Moxie Hair Bling for shine. Look at that definition! Look at those moisturized waves!

I've tried to see other stylers. The first ingredient in Shape Shifter after water is flax seed gel, so I got some flax seeds from a friend, boiled them and made my own gel. It was OK, except it felt like I was dipping my hands in snot and that grossed me out every time I used it. I forced myself to finish my super-sized CVS hair gel, which suddenly made my hair seem so much crunchier than it did before. The Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie that I had sitting around didn't give me as much definition and made my hair look dull, so it remains in the youthful indiscretion section of beauty-related purchases. You go sit in the corner, Shea Moisture.

The closest I've gotten to the satisfaction I get from Shape Shifter is Miss Jessie's Jelly Soft Curls. It doesn't leave my hair as soft or moisturize it the way Shape Shifter does, but it does give me great definition without the crunch, has a pleasant scent that kind of reminds me of dryer sheets or detergent or something laundry-related, and it's cheaper by the ounce. Plus it beats Shape Shifter on leaving my curls shiny.

Despite my best efforts to keep it casual with Shape Shifter, the panic I feel now that there's barely a teaspoon left in the jar is stronger than my frugality. I wish I knew how to quit you, Shape Shifter. But you're the best I've ever had.