This and that, the sitting in Drafts forever edition

Watched: Last week I saw the movie Spy. Anything that Melissa McCarthy or Rose Byrne is in is guaranteed to be perfection. Action comedy may be my new favorite genre. The plot was much more intricate than I imagined, the action was highly stylized yet visceral, and the laughs did not let up. And Jason Statham was shockingly riotous.

It also had an amazing soundtrack. Lots of bouncy, dancey hip hop and pop with lots of horns and percussion and an international feel that fits the globe-trotting flick.

Making: I'm trying out cross stitch as my next hobby. I downloaded this pattern that would make Drizzy proud.

Read: Unteachable by Leah Raeder. Whew. I want to review this, I really, really do, but I need to gather my thoughts, meditate for an hour, take a shot, then meditate some more before I can even begin to process this. Dizzyingly gorgeous prose, a relationship I don't know whether to root for, taboos thrown right in my face in graphic sex scenes. This would have been a quick read if not for the fact that reading it made me feel like I was tripping on something bad or on the verge of a blackout. Meaning, it was so intense that at times I could only get through 2 to 3 pages at a time before going, "Nope, can't do this right now."

Coveting: Sand art hair. I am so into rainbow hair. I saw a Hello Giggles article about this Pravana dye that does not bleed or transfer onto other colors or sections of hair. That means that you can do multiple shades down the length of one section, and it won't all just mix into one shade. The results are spectacular. I want to do this.

I wish I could see an example on kinky hair, because it looks incredible on sleek strands. I'm also wondering how much of this I could get away with at work. I would do full-on rainbow all over if I could, but I think that would be frowned upon. Also, my friend Crystal is just adamant that I don't want to start messing up my hair with bleach. But I just envision doing highlights or a layer or two underneath the canopy, so color would just peek through and I could show off as much or as little as I wanted. I think red on purple on pink would be dope, and red is still within the range of "normal" hair colors, even if you've got it in an abnormally vibrant tone.

I've been experimenting with temporary color sprays from Jerome Russell. They look OK but feel awful, smell awful and stain errrrrthing.

The purple bits are Splat Washables in Purple Swag. I prefer the texture of this cream and its application to the spray, and think it looks more natural. You can control the results better. There's a little application wand, but I prefer to just apply by hand.

If all else fails, I'm just going to buy this wig and wear it out for drinks.

I'm pretty certain I would slay in this.

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