Fragrance review: Campfire Rebel by Pinrose

Fragrance lovers fantasize about a scent that is inextricably linked to us, evocative of who we are. We dream about a perfume that captures some snapshot of our souls, that when carried by a breeze will conjure intense memories of us. Everyone who loves to spritz wants a perfume that smells as if it were made just for us.

That's why the geniuses at Pinrose have the right idea about how they approach fragrance. It starts with a quickie personality quiz. Raise your hand if you grew up reading Seventeen magazine and the occasional Cosmopolitan pilfered from your mother and don't love taking personality quizzes. No hands? Moving on.

Next, Pinrose suggests fragrances it thinks would suit you based on what perfumes you already like, whether you love sweet, woody, spicy or powdery scents, even what photos or music clips resonate with you.

Then there's a profile to explore for each scent. Each has its own Pinterest board, a list of its scent notes, a description of the vibe the scent captures and even song selections.

Once you've made your picks, you can order reasonably priced samples. But you know those silly little vials you're used to getting as perfume samples? Pinrose doesn't play that game, son. If you aren't ready for a full-size bottle — or if you just love portability, like if you're frequently a mile high or scenting up after work and have a tiny little rat purse — you can order individually wrapped scent wipes.

I've ordered from Pinrose a few times and the standout scent for me, the one I continue to order sachets and could envision owning a full-size bottle of, is Campire Rebel. Described as "perfect for a quiet tumble under the stars," (meow!) Campfire Rebel starts out sharp, with top notes of whiskey and raspberry, with a middle note of burning oud wood and a base of vetiver and vanilla bourbon.

For me, once this scent settles — and even after a shower! — it is all burning wood. In a really, really good way. It's sweet, smoky and sexy as hell.

Smoke and whiskey scents tend to be very masculine, but Campfire Rebel feels feminine to me. Femme fatale. It's a woman who looks sexy even with smeared red lips and day-old black eyeliner. It's bedroom eyes in a dive bar where your lacy black dress commands every set of eyes and not even one eye-roll. It's sweet incense winding through your hair in the midst of bad decisions.

This one reminds me of Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir, which is all tang and incense, but it's a little more subtle to my nose and has outer-space staying power where Jo's fragrances tend to poop out.

I'm curious over whether spraying this on would have a different effect from rubbing it on the skin. Because I love it so much, more than any other Pinrose scent I've tried, I'll eventually get around to getting the $50 spritzer and setting it lovingly on my fragrance and jewelry armoire, right next to my baby love Shalimar.

It isn't just hot. It's a slow, sweet burn that you want to roast marshmallows over.

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