First manicure of the season: Formula X in Solar Flare

My hands are finally beginning to recover from the effects of winter. Now that it no longer looks like I spent the past six months wearing gloves made out of sandpaper, I can see the point of painting my nails.

I wanted the happiest color imaginable, and Sephora's Formula X in Solar Flare from the Liquid Crystals line is beautifully distracting when I'm typing and under my clip-on reading light while I binge-read Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles on my Kindle. It's a vibrant strawberry with an abundance of pink glitter in a smooth finish. 

This is technically my second manicure in the season. In the grand tradition of nail polish, this chipped on the second day. But I'm going to keep reapplying this color until it's past the point of ridiculous. It's so damn pretty.

Except maybe I'll have to stop back for Prismatic or Equinox.

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