This and that: Devouring silly little joys

When the cat's away, how does the mouse play? By getting stupid drunk and passing out hours before her bedtime one night and by staying up until 6 a.m. reading I Regret Everything by Seth Greenland the next. I was having some kind of manic episode triggered by sleeping until 2 p.m., imbibing too much caffeine and enjoying beautiful sunlight during my usually pitch-black drive to Warrendale for work. Happy songs were on the radio. I skipped and pirouetted down the halls because I was feeling like Spaulding in the book. I couldn't sleep. I wasn't even tired. The snow is melting, sunshine touched below my collarbone for the first time in months and life is being pumped back into the world.

The book. I read a review that envisioned Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emma Stone as the main characters, pitch-perfect casting I couldn't be more on board with. I just finished it. I'll write a review once I can speak. But I think it may be my favorite book now. A defining, life-altering book. I'm not sure anything has touched me so deeply in a long time. I'll also review Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book, which also left me in tears in a cozy and life-affirming way. I will read it to my children, someday.

Bought a new Kindle today. My first one, a gift from my friend Sarah when I was her matron of honor, still works great, so it's staying in the family. But the features on the current entry-level Kindle were really seductive.

If it seems like this is becoming a book blog and not a beauty/lifestyle blog, it's because I've made a conscious effort to read more. I read for a living, but it's not the same. I missed devouring novels. Books cradle my spirit, bring some order and beauty to the chaos in my brain whenever I read a line I want to raise my fist in the air over. I set a goal on Goodreads of 30 books this year. I raised it to 45 when I saw how much momentum I'd gained. We shall see where this all ends up.

Those pirouettes, which hurt my knee, reminded me I used to love using my body. I'm thinking — I know — exercise is a mood elevator. I was happiest when I was hardcore into yoga, but I also know when you first start to go hard with yoga, you sweat out all these psychological toxins. You feel worse before you feel better, with all those blockages being removed.

I'm knitting an infinity scarf, because it's simple, with sporadic asymmetric stripes. White, and rainbow. My knitting must always be TV-friendly, and my latest binge is Archer. I'm not sure why I never watched it before. As soon as I realized Jessica Walter from Arrested Development voices a very Lucille Bluth-esque character, I was in. Bungled espionage, filth, underrated national treasure Judy Motherfucking Greer, rapid-fire running gags, lovable oddball characters and off-the-wall plot lines. I am madly in love. I'm on Season 5, which JUST went on Netflix when I was about to resort to shelling out the 21 bucks to get it on iTunes. Serendipitous timing!

Small joys pile up. Atrophied muscles take time to strengthen. The seasons change agonizingly slow, then all at once. Points if you know what movie I'm stealing this from: I won't say I believe, but I have a good idea.

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