30 before 30: An experience wishlist

I have never feared 30. That number sounds like a badge of honor, a marker imbued with magic and symbolism. The prospect of this decade rolling into the next thrills me.

I'll be 27 in May. While I long ago abandoned my five-year plans and notions of what I should be doing by what age, I am still ambitious. But my ambitions have morphed. I don't want to collect accomplishments. I want to collect experiences. I want to have adventures big and small, stimulate my brain, indulge my curiosity. I want to feel joy.

So I compiled a wishlist of boxes to tick. Some are doable, some would take some doing. All of them, including the ones that scare me, sound like living.

1. Learn enough French to write a poem and/or read a novel in French.

2. Finish my first book.

3. Adapt a book I love to a screenplay, for fun and future Oscar-winning screenwriting practice.

4. Paint something on an obscenely large  canvas. Display it in my home.

5. Have boudoir photos taken. Hide them for future reminiscing/resentment of the ravages of time. 

6. Learn, once and for all, how to dance salsa, merengue and bachata. 

7. See a famous comedian perform live. 

8. Knit a baby blanket. 

9. Learn to swim. 

10. Spend some time in a sensory deprivation tank. 

11. Be able to do a headstand in the middle of the room without landing on my back. 

12. Be able to do a cartwheel. 

13. Visit somewhere and introduce myself to everyone under an alias, with a fictitious and over-the-top backstory.

14. Ride a horse. 

15. Restore beauty to something broken.

16. Leave letters of encouragement in public places for strangers to find.

17. Throw an epic Halloween party. 

18. Get a puppy. 

19. Go blonde. 

20. Take a vacation with all my sisters. 

21. Go back to New York. 

22. Skinny dip. 

23. Donate blood. 

24. Watch a horror movie. 

25. Go paintballing. 

26. Sit down and figure out my retirement savings like a grown ass woman. 

27. Go camping. 

28. Buy something RIDICULOUS. 

29. Wear something scandalously sexy and revealing out in public. Rock it. 

30. Fall in love... With myself. 


  1. I want to SO BAD! As soon as we rent a place that allows them or buy a house, I'm going to get a furry little baby and develop the world's most annoying dog voice.