New in: Polishing away winter grime

Three new products have entered my shower on a whim. The inadvertent theme of my purchases seems to be shedding off my reptilian skin for a glossy new coat. When the time comes when the barren winter hellscape dissolves and I can show some skin, I want to be as smooth as a rose petal.

The newbies:

Clarisonic Radiance Brush Head: My Clarisonic hasn't been used in months. Don't ask me why. I meant to replace my brush head and then just didn't. That's probably why my skin texture is so meh, so orange peel-like.

The company claims this specific brush head diminishes hyperpigmentation. I sometimes get dark spots that never go away after breakouts, and I can only cover them by caking on foundation. Which I just refuse to do, so I just do the coverage I'm comfortable with and whatever shows through, I shrug off. But I'd prefer it if the spots weren't there, so let's give this a try. The bristles feel softer and more delicate than other brush heads. Because my skin is no longer Clarisonic-trained, I'm dreading any possible purge period when I break out from impurities rising to the surface. Let's hope I can skip that.

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Cleanser: I felt like trying a brand I'd never heard of, and this one had an eye-catching bottle and a satisfying price. Glycolic acid is also supposed to help with hyperpigmentation. I used this with my Clarisonic brush. It felt nice and foamy on my skin but had a slightly yucky chemical fruit smell — I assume that's from the apple amino acid. This also has olive oil to soften skin.

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub in Passion Fruit & Guava: My childhood diet had four major food groups — chicken McNuggets, Velveeta, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and guava and cream cheese turnovers. Oh, those warm, flaky, sweet and tangy guava and cream cheese turnovers. This smells like straight up passion fruit to me, and zilch guava, but I don't even care. After one use, my skin felt ready to be caressed. No more roughness, just impossible softness.

This scrub was as thick as pudding, not like other scrubs that have the sugar slopping around in an oily soup and leave you greasy. The consistency made it easy to really work over the skin. I stepped out of the shower feeling renewed, pretty and wishing for a set of satin jammies to slip into.

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