New in: A serious red lippy, yummy bath gel and more DevaCurl

I dropped by Ulta the other day for some treats. Two were repurchases, two were brand new suitors courting my affections.

VitaBath Cupcake Couture Luscious Lemon Creme Bath Gel: This is my third bottle of this stuff. It smells like lemon shortbread cookies. Which sort of reminds me of my wedding cake. Which had Funfetti-esque sprinkles in it because why wouldn't it. Smells are my everything of late, and this makes my shower heaven. It's also apparently sulfate free. I wouldn't know if this makes my skin moisturized, because I set the temperature in my shower to summer-in-hell and that sucks all the moisture right out.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso: I've had this on my must-buy list ever since I saw it on Coco from The Beauty Milk. A super matte, rojo bien chillon, as mi madre would say. So far, this hasn't demonstrated the longevity everyone raves about — it does not like balsamic vinaigrette one bit — and it feathers, but golly is it gorgeous. It practically glows in the dark. It's a Martian babes in silver leather with ray guns kinda shade. A burlesque performer in a giant martini glass red (for the aforementioned longevity, I'm trying to talk myself into biting the bullet on burlesque queen Dita Von Teese's intriguing yet muy expensive recommendation, Lip-Ink. Tee hee). From swatches I've seen, it looks a lot like MAC's Ruby Woo. 

DevaCurl No-Comb Detangling Spray: I went in intending to get a full-size bottle of Mist-er Right, but was intrigued by the concept of a detangling spray with conditioning properties. I've tried this on dry hair and wet, and I think it's a pretty decent detangler and curl refresher on dry hair that provides some slip and softness. It feels sort of emollient, if that's even a quality a hair product can have, but it's light, not oily. I can't describe the scent, but it's pleasant and clean.

DevaCurl Travel Size Mist-er Right: Another repurchase. I can't decide yet whether I like it. It certainly doesn't hurt anything, and helps me redo my do while making me feel less like a poodle being hosed down in the backyard than when I just use a spray bottle with tap water. The lavender scent is pretty strong, so if lavender is your bag, baby, spray away.

Buy anything lately? Give me the itemized receipts, lassies.

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