Entertainment nostalgia

A contradiction of my brain is that I crave constant, novel stimulation, yet can happily rewatch the same Doctor Who episodes I committed to memory 10 viewings ago, and my iTunes Top 25 Most Played list includes about 23 songs it did in 2012. I love retracing those psychic grooves.

Which makes me think I can please both cravings by revisiting entertainment from back when I was a wee lass. What might I get out of old pleasures now that I have more life experience? (I remember watching Breakfast at Tiffany's as a kid vs. a few years ago. It was like watching two different films. The hooker subtext was totally over my head!) I'll listen to a song I loved in high school, for example, and my mind is blown because I at last understand it. I've lived it. It's like the universe planted stuff in my head years ago in anticipation of the day it would be useful. What insights lurked in plain sight of the girl I used to be?
Among my nostalgic options:

Fight Club

I went through a heavy Chuck Palahniuk phase in high school. My crush at the time got me into him. I was pretty sheltered and naive at the time and probably read everything with one hand shielding my gaping mouth. Now I'm more educated and will probably pick up on themes that I missed. I'd like to reenter the seedy, transgressive psychothriller that inspired one of my favorite movies with my more worldy, less innocent perspective.

And! I just heard about the upcoming graphic novel sequel! Hot damn, I'm rereading that book for sure!

Negotiating With the Dead/anything Atwood

Margaret Atwood is a literary rockstar, a living legend whose prose is nourishing nectar to mere mortals. I vividly remember getting too carried away during an interview for an internship about how jealous I was of her writing. I fangirled hard (it was OK — I got the gig, and people find my enthusiasm endearing).

Now that I'm contemplating getting serious about my writing, I want to analyze with care how the master does it. I want to revisit her fiction and the copy of her book on the craft and life of a writer, which I picked up at the college bookstore freshman year.


A couple of years ago, I rewatched the pilot of Roswell, one of my favorite TV shows when it aired originally. It was my introduction to sci-fi and I was so into the sexy aliens and the romance. You know what I realized upon rewatching? Twilight completely ripped off Roswell! Girl meets boy. Girl has near-death experience and is saved by boy, which reveals the boy is something beyond human. Girl figures it out. Boy confesses. Boy's siblings are mad as hell that their very existence is threatened by their lovelorn brother revealing their lifelong secret.

Roswell did it much better. I want to rewatch the whole series to see whether I still love it as much. I remember thinking it had so much to offer.

All I need is some Fun Dip and some Power Rangers jammies to get this nostalgia party going.

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