Review: DevaCurl Curl Discovery Kit

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I've written about my dalliance with the Curly Girl Method, and it all started with the DevaCurl Curl Discovery Kit. Since then, I've tried a truckload of other DevaCurl products to cleanse, refresh my curls and add shine. But the kit covers the basics, and some of the products have made their way into my regular routine.

The No-Poo cleanser smells wonderful and makes my scalp feel tingly and refreshed. It's not a BioFreeze, chilly tingle — it just feels really clean. It has great slip, and my hair feels hydrated and easy to detangle even before I use conditioner. Since then, I've tried the Low Poo, which lathers but doesn't make my hair feel as clean, just stripped. So I went back and bought the big ol' liter of No-Poo with a pump.

One Condition didn't wow me. It's not something that I would buy on its own. This didn't make my hair feel very soft or do anything that TRESemme Naturals doesn't do for a fraction of the cost (it's 5 bucks for a huge bottle) and also without silicones.

DevaCurl Light Defining Gel is another one I repurchased after trying it in this kit. Some days my hair likes it better than others. It can give me amazing curl definition and hold, or it can leave my hair crunchy and stringy like ramen noodles. It's not a be-all, end-all, especially when you can get gel for $3 that probably works just as well.

The Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam did nothing for me. I don't think it adds anything and I just didn't see the point of including it in the kit when something like the Mist-er Right lavender spray or the Shine Spray would have been a more useful bonus.

The kit also includes a microfiber towel. You can dry and avoid frizz the same way with a T-shirt or a cheaper microfiber towel, but since this was included, I use it all the time and really like it.

So to summarize: This kit is a great introduction to DevaCurl and the Curly Girl Method and was a perfect starting point for me as a novice of the wash-and-go. While I think the Deva products are overpriced and I'm always seeking alternatives at the drugstore, the No-Poo is fabulous and the one product in the set that I'm happy to splurge on. I don't think I could ever get on board with co-washing on its own (using just conditioner and friction to clean the scalp), but this product makes saying no to shampoo in favor of something gentler enjoyable.

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