Feed your head

This lady needs to be pampered.

I've been spectral. A wisp of vapor swirling in a cloud of stress. My psyche is showing wear and tear. My right calf is stained in bruises that prove why normal people learn to ride bikes as children, not when they're pushing 30. My skin has forgotten that I'm pushing 30 and is punishing me for my neglect with mean little zits and flakiness. And where are all my clothes? Oh, right. People are supposed to wash those.

I'm languorous and craving a massage and a day in bed. Maybe a milk bath and a glass of red wine, and I'm not even a vino girl. Good thing I have the next four days off from work! Maybe I'll just watch White Oleander and have a good ol'-fashioned ugly cry — you know, the kind of cry that goes DEEP and cleans everything out, and suddenly you're sobbing about being pushed onto the asphalt as a kid and skinning your knee and not winning the district spelling bee. Ridiculous, ancient, primal wounds, purged. That kind of cry.

Above all, I'm in the mood to treat my senses.

First, some jams. A little mix of sexy throwbacks and newbies I made you:

Groovy Monday by Liz on Grooveshark

Next, scent. Into The Gloss is my new obsession, and its fragrance section might be my favorite among an embarrassment of curated riches of novel beauty tips, culture and on-point writing. I could read it all day. I've been thinking of my favorite fragrance notes and what I'd want in the mix when I one day have my own celebrity fragrance (writers get contracts for celebrity fragrances, right? Right). If I were a fragrance, I'd be some blend of ylang ylang, incense, hyacinths and chocolate chip cookies. And leather. Because I'm a bad bitch.

Want some eye candy? Here's a list I found via Stumble Upon of 30 Places You'd Rather Be with spectacular pictures.

If taste is what needs titillating, here's some food to fap to.

And finally, while you can't cuddle them through your screen, no bad mood is immune to the charms of Cute Roulette. Click through for hours of time wasted awwwwing over adorable baby animals being silly.

Happy Monday!

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