Legally Blonde: The Musical. I will never be the same.

Legally Blonde is my milestone marker. My well-worn DVD (I may have even owned the VHS once) has been watched at some point in every major transition or whenever my belief in myself was lacking.  Breakup? New job? Crippling bout of anxiety? Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods was there. I can quote the film from start to finish and always well up at the end when "Perfect Day" plays while Elle is graduating and the subtitles under Luke Wilson's face read "Emmett is proposing to Elle ... tonight." 

So when I went to see the musical version in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, I expected nothing short of life-changing.

We met up with my coworkers Jenn and Rob, who were also going to the show, for rushed drinks beforehand. I regretted my foolish decision to wear my 5-inch glittery platform stilettos to prance around Downtown Pittsburgh and its silly brick sidewalks, but kept my poise because Elle would.

Blocking the poster because we're goobers. And Eric thinks I'M a chihuahua.
I LOVED the show. This was my first movie to musical adaptation, and it was cool seeing what they changed, like turning Elle's Harvard essay video into a cheerleading routine and making her friends a Greek chorus in her head instead of calling her on the phone like in the movie. Never mind that I didn't catch until later that the "Greek" chorus was also a play on the sorority. My cognitive sharpness drops with each sip of booze and extra half inch of heel. Also, Spanx. *shakes fist*

"Chip on My Shoulder" was my favorite musical number. That song encompasses what the movie means to me, a woman who always has something to prove. Giving Emmett a backstory was brilliant, and all his scenes with Elle were spectacles of chemistry and adorableness. The actress who plays Paulette may have gotten the second-loudest applause after Elle. That VOICE! All the songs were catchy and enjoyable. I didn't even get sick of "Omigod You Guys."

Some of my favorite movie moments were expanded in the show (the Bend and Snap was a plot point, and the gay pool boy got his own musical number, with the entire courtroom singing, "Is he gay, or European?"). Damn, that was a lot of punctuation just now.

My connection to this story is so strong that adding song and dance clobbered me with emotion. I was tearing up, more than once. Everyone endures feeling as if they aren't enough, and Elle fights to prove she has more to offer than what's on the surface and more to gain than a man. Although she gets that, too.

A blast. Life-changing.

And the twist with Elle being the one to propose to Emmett? Beautiful, even without "Perfect Day" playing.


  1. I love Legally Blonde the musical too!!! 'So much better' was my fave out of all the songs, but all of them were also incredibly good!