Ay, Gloria!

With all my shows done for the season, I've been binging on Modern Family. (Oddly enough, Modern Family was another one of my shows that just ended. I watched the most recent season, and now I'm going back to the series beginning. Chronology is for people who play by the rules.) The show is hysterical and by the end of every episode, I'm tearing up because I'm a sentimental sap.

I watch it for laughs, but I also watch it so I can study Sofia Vergara as Gloria.

Primero, she's gorgeous. That face, those white, white teeth and full lips, her hair, that body. Of course those are the first facets you notice.

Then she opens her mouth, and this over-the-top accent hits you. I love the accent. It reminds me of mi madre. I can impersonate it dead on.

Then she gets going, and you realize that beautiful, sexy woman is funny as hell.

Gloria is sassy, sexy, goofy and loving. In the blended Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan, she is the soul. The type of woman who nurtures but takes no nonsense, who makes everyone around her feel like they are important and special. She's not a lady. She's a WOMAN. She will not keep her voice down! She will NOT behave herself!

She embraces her Latina heritage, and I haven't always embraced mine. When she starts talking in Spanish and referencing her family's wild superstitions, and playing out all these Latina stereotypes that I should find offensive, I start slapping the furniture while guffawing like, um, every Latina stereotype.

I could stand to be more like Gloria. And I'm not just talking about hitting the yoga mat a little (a lot) harder and getting a good colorist. She's so present and full of life. Her confidence is KILLER.

She even makes not being able to ride a bike (something we have in common!) look sexy.

Sigh for days. Tell me — who are your TV crushes?


  1. sofia vergara is amazing! love this show too (:

  2. She's the funniest woman on television!