OOTD: Celebratory

Tank top, Old Navy // Skirt, Francesca's (similar) // Sandals, Target // Coach Willis bag (classic style still available)

During my birthday last week (more on that later!), Eric took me on a shopping trip as a present. Now that the weather's warmer, I realize a lot of my breezy clothes don't fit right or look their best anymore, and someone I won't name (Carlos!) "joked" my clothes are dated, so yes, to the mall we went!

This pencil skirt at Francesca's made me go "Oooh!" out loud. I love how the print is different in the back. I was eager to do a post with it so that I could share shopping details on it with you guys, but unfortunately, it is nowhere on the website, and the closest approximation I found is more than double what I paid. I tried, dudettes. I tried.

Pencil skirts are so the thing to feel womanly. The skirt, shirt and sandals are all from my birthday haul, and I wore this get-up on our wedding anniversary. I love how gladiator sandals toughen up anything you wear. And they add a somewhat scandalous edge to miniskirts.

So. I'm 26 now. I'm thrilled to be in the latter half of what's proving to be a challenging decade! I feel eternally 23. You know no one likes you when you're 23. The last few years have been this molten metamorphosis when I've burned and cooled into almost but not quite the same form, the changes imperceptible to the casual observer but foundational to me. Maybe now I'll solidify into something radically different.

I know, I know. I'm such an a-hole.

Anyway, on my birthday, Eric and I had a picnic. I don't get outside much. It was lovely. We fed geese. Would you believe me if I told you I've never done that before? It's true! I felt like a little kid. It's pretty intimidating when they start squawking and closing in on you and flying over each other to get more bread, catching each other's feathers in their beaks in the process. I'm wary around birds sometimes because I think my hair reminds them of a nest. 

We were going to see X-Men: Days of Future Past, but postponed it for our anniversary. Talk about feeling like a little kid! I was bouncing in my seat. The X-Men have been a major part of my life ever since I watched the cartoons. I got into the comics when the first movies came out, and now, revisiting that world feels like a nerdgasmic homecoming. I loved all the clever winks for the fans. I LOVE the ending and what it means for the franchise. And while my girl Jennifer Lawrence was killer good, the standout character for me was Quicksilver, with his cool and mischievous persona and that genius, slapsticky slow-mo action scene. Seriously, go see it. Do it.

P.S. The movie not only made me want to head to a comic book store to catch up, it also made me want to re-watch the first two seasons of Skins. Nicholas Hoult will always be Tony Stonem to me.


  1. You look so pretty. The skirt suits you really well.

  2. Happy Birthday! you are looking stunning in that printed pencil skirt.

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Thank you! The skirt was such a great find.

  4. Thank you so much. That's really sweet!