Beauty stuff that makes me way too happy

I'm a beauty nerd. Obviously. But some beauty moments make me disproportionately giddy, including but not limited to:
  • When my eyebrows are full and symmetrical enough that I don't have to fill them — just a swipe of clear mascara and I have presentable brows!
  • Extend that to any time I look in the mirror and my skin can get away with just a dusting of powder and blush.
  • The rare times that I can actually go to the other extreme and do hardcore fake lashes and red lipstick and feel totally glamorous. You know, before glasses. Ugh, I miss fake lashes. They're magical.

  • A thick new petal of Coalface soap from Lush. Coalface deserves Holy Grail status. My skin loves it.
  • Curl definition in my frizziest spots, at the top of my head. I've been giving the Curly Girl method a try, and while I'm not convinced I can or should live without sulfates and silicones — I realize how many shine serums have the banned cones, and that stuff is crack to me — its tips for styling make a world of difference. Flipping, gelling and scrunching the hair just so, then leaving it the hell alone until it's dry and fluffing out the gel crunch makes my hair look amazing.

  • Getting compliments on my perfume. I'm so alert to how people smell that being ranked among the pleasantly fragrant means I've met a life goal. I feel like a contributing member of society. (P.S. I'm in the market for a sexy floral perfume. Preferably with a hyacinth note. Nothing tweeny or air freshener-y.)
  • Post-exertion glow. 

  • Researching what lipstick a TV character is wearing. Bonus points if I guess the brand and shade correctly. Declaring myself queen of everything if it's a shade I own or a dupe for it.
  • Painted nails. For the blissful full hour until they chip.
  • My kid sister's mad makeup skills. I know my way around a shadow palette, but this kid has a natural aptitude for theatrical makeup that is genius. I'd love to post this awesome picture of her in zombie makeup, but it's buried under the million selfies and inspirational shit my mom puts on Facebook. 


  1. I love getting all dolled up with lashes!

  2. I looove good curl and brow days

  3. They make things so much easier!

  4. I think they elevate any look and are much less intimidating than people think!