All curls, all the time

"I'm sorry that I have magnificent hair that requires products and appliances!" I told my husband when he complained about how much space my hair stuff uses.

"It's a drain on resources!" he said.

We have these joking arguments about my hair. He says we need two bathrooms. I say, "No, we need three. One for me, one for you, and one for my hair!" The truth is, my hair doesn't take that much work since I've stopped relaxing it. It's much healthier and stronger since I quit chemicals and constant flat-ironing.

But I have yet to find the right styling methods and products, that magical combination of elixirs that will give me frizz-free, defined ringlets without crunchy ends. What makes my hair go BOING one week makes it go WHOMP WHOMP the next.

I'm not used to having curly or short hair. I just got it cut again, to even out the sides where I'd left it longer and with a few straggly relaxed ends yet to be chopped. Now it's a short little bob. Vast improvement so far. At this length, the trial and error cycle starts all over. Towel or T-shirt to dry? Gel or mousse? Moisturizer, serum or some combo of all the above?

The most surprising thing about having curly hair is something I've read on all the blogs. Your curl pattern varies. The front of my hair is more S-shaped, and the back is spirally. I still use the Curlformers in the front to get the shape I like.

I'm also surprised every day by how much I love my curls. I'm driven to distraction pulling and twirling that one perfect, springy curl a few inches behind my left ear. YouTube and Pinterest have me fantasizing about big, long hair. I love how ombré looks on little ringlets, and I have more freedom to experiment with color now that it wouldn't be chemicals on top of chemicals.

I haven't gone crazy with spending money on aforementioned products and appliances, but oh, I could. I've got my eye on a Q Redew hair steamer (although I don't know that it would be much better than just using a spray bottle!) and already bought a cheap blowdryer with a diffuser that apparently won't be much use to me until my hair is long. I want to try some Deva and Ouidad products, but don't know where to start. I'm fascinated by the concept of a Deva Cut, where your hair is cut curl by curl to best emphasize the curl pattern — but people complain because then they flat iron their hair and, surprise, the ends are uneven. So it really requires a commitment to the curls.

I'm excited about learning how to make my hair awesome. Grow, hair, grow. I want to play with you!

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