This and that

Reading: I've been reading Danielle LaPorte's The Fire Starter Sessions. The premise is that we need to revise how we think about our ambitions and finding what makes us happy. Instead of identifying the things that will make us happy, we should be identifying our core desired feelings and then seek experiences that will get us there. It's loaded with worksheets and immensely quotable. It's not the sort of thing that's linear and can be put into practice all at once, right away, but it's a perfect template for what I'm doing right now: a deliberate, controlled burn of my life. I am perhaps for the first time in my life questioning my motivations about what I want.

Watching: I'm all caught up on Once Upon A Time and having to endure the weeklong drag between episodes just like everyone else. I hate the Wicked Witch. I want Regina to tear her limb from limb. This last episode had some great Regina moments, like her hissing at Zelena, "Never bring your heart to a witch fight." Should I start writing episode recaps? I think that might be fun, even if no one reads them.

Moving: About 3 miles north! We're renting in another duplex, in a much nicer, cleaner neighborhood. We had the best of intentions to stay at this place (because our lease would be going month-to-month starting in May, so we could just pick up and go once we get it together and buy a house). But location, space and sheer reluctance to pack up all our crap again cannot blind me to the horror of neighbors who think it's OK to dump mattresses and vodka bottles on the property. Frozen dirty diapers in the yard plus a view from the kitchen of bags of dog poo hanging from tree branches (10 points if you get it in the tree!) are amenities I can do without. I'll laugh about this place. One day.

Coveting: MAC Toying Around Lipstick (last shade swatched here). It's unlike any shade I own or have even seen. So freaking beautiful.


  1. Congrats on the move! I have to agree... frozen dirty diapers do not make nice landscaping. ;)

  2. Thanks! Some people just don't act right!