Once upon a television binge

I have dozens of excuses for why I've been scarce around my blog lately. You know, I used to think a quarter life crisis was no more than a self-indulgent delusion, that anyone having one was being childish and in need of a good slap.

Well, just call me Little Lizzie and don't hit the left side of my face. It's my good side.

Aside from spiraling into another existential reckoning — one that may have done some good for me, this time — I've devoted approximately 1,980 minutes, or 33 hours, in the past week or so to watch the first two seasons of Once Upon A Time.

How am I so late to the Enchanted Forest party? This show is so my scene. It puts all the fairy tale characters in our world and flashes back to their lives before a curse landed them in this universe. This storytelling method of converging plot lines and gradual revelations in the present through backstory is one that I've loved since reading Holes (it was done to masterful effect in The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood, too). It's the kind of life-affirming, just-cheesy-enough show to make me an emotional wreck every other episode. It's got enough twists and warped family trees to make the Doctor say, "All right, slow down, you're confusing me." That's a reason I'm glad that I'm watching it all in one go — it's much easier to keep the story straight without the lag between episodes that would make it likely I'd forget details.

Most of all, I love that Once Upon A Time takes the fairy tale, a realm of fiction where you can't get any more black and white, good vs. evil, and sketches in colors and dimensions that challenge the viewer. Maybe the Evil Queen has a heart that can be redeemed. Maybe Red Riding Hood was the wolf all along. Maybe the lost girl can be the savior. Anyone who I've ever talked about literature or TV to knows how much I love archetypes, and nothing is cooler than when they are expertly turned inside out.

I'm so in love with the characters. Their fairy tale versions and real-world counterparts are compelling and well-developed, from the most minor character to the heroes. I love a show that allows me to say ridiculous comments like, "Oh my gosh, Rumplestiltskin just beat the crap out of someone," and "Ugh, I can't stand Mulan." Among my many favorites are:

Emma Swan. Reluctant heroine. Mother. Daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. Keeping law and order in Storybrooke, slaying dragons with her daddy's sword and being an all-around BAMF.

Regina Mills. Evil, or just ... misguided? Villainess in couture. Her mind is even more dangerous than her magic.

Captain Hook. The target of my unabashed objectification. Driving the ladies wild with suggestive zingers, leather and guyliner. Here's another picture, just because.

Love a bad boy, me.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got Season 3 to powerstream.


  1. Hummm I want to check that show out, i never heard of the series. Have fun on catching up on season 3!

  2. The first two seasons are on Netflix, and I'm watching Season 3 on Hulu Plus. Watch a few episodes and see what you think!

  3. Let me just say i started watching it last night with my fiance, and yea i made him see it with me lol and I LOVE IT. So cool! Now I am addicted to a new series.

  4. That makes me so happy! My husband watches it with me sometimes and begrudgingly admits enjoying it. It gets better and better!

  5. Rumplestiltskin and Hook are my top favorites! I am probably a little too addicted to this show. It's playing right now on Sunday nights and I eagerly await each new episode. It's a pretty incredible show--I'm doing my best to get other people hooked on it as well!

  6. Now you've got me! I love Rumple. That actor is so talented, and I love his relationship with Belle and Baelfire.

  7. Ahhhh! I love this. Aside from loving the literary archetypes, OF COURSE, Once Upon a Time is major interior design inspiration for me. I want my house to look like Regina's office. Like, I've actually wasted hours sourcing the exact same wallpapers used on the show. Please don't judge. :)

    And do you also have a hard time watching without thinking "Snow and Charming are ACTUALLY MARRIED?" Cuz it's becoming a major distraction for me! They got married last weekend and man, that's weird. He's the only character I can't stand, because he's so boring.

  8. No judging! Her office is gorgeous. Did you find the wallpaper?

    Them being married is sorta weird, but they clearly have chemistry! I like the Enchanted Forest Charmings well enough, but the Storybrooke counterparts are so meh. So blindly and boringly moral. I like Rumple and Regina because they are more developed.

    What do you think of Henry? I was surprised that so many people dislike him, because I think he's the cutest thing ever.