THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I'm moving domains!

Yup, we're doing this.

I'm going to attempt to move my blog to my new domain name, I'm going to try to redirect visitors to to the new domain automatically, contact Bloglovin to update my URL so that my site's followers don't drop off the face of the earth, and I'm going to try to migrate my Disqus comments.

Even if things go perfectly (pray for me!) there might be some chaos during the process. You might not be able to access the site. I have a backup plan in case stuff goes haywire, so I'll try to keep anyone interested updated elsewhere, like on Twitter (I'm @lizandstripes).

Why did I pick Glowing Clever?

It's a play on the phrase "boxing clever," which means using your resources and tricks to the best effect. Makeup — the original purpose for this blog — is about using clever tricks to make the most of what you've got. When you use makeup right to look like your most radiant self, I would say that you're "glowing clever."

I also think of that lightbulb people get over their heads in cartoons when they think of a great idea. While I still want to focus on makeup and style, my blog topics lately have included entertainment, recipe attempts and some personal stuff, anything currently lighting up my brain. So I think the name fits that way, too.

Thank you in advance for your patience if stuff gets weird around here for a bit! And as always, thank you for reading. Anyone showing up to my little Internet corner and sticking around really blows my mind.

EDIT: If all else fails, my Blogger address is That should still be accessible.

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