Soon-to-be formerly known as? Contemplating a name change

I am thinking of changing my blog and domain name.

I had some ideas and woke up this morning feeling certain of the name I want. Now it's a matter of determining how I can redirect everything without breaking my site. I might be able to CSS up a cute little ombré menu with the right tutorial, but I know about as much about 301 redirects and whatsits as I do football. So, I know nothing.

But as far as the name change itself, I can talk myself out of or into anything. I might do it tomorrow or never. It's not that I hate my blog name, it's that I've been feeling some misguided embarassment about it that's triggered my overthinking, insecure ways. I've started thinking that rather than cute and evocative, my blog name is uncreative and holding my blog back. And I know it's more than likely that I'm overthinking something categorized firmly in the "no one gives a flying fuck" file.

From a more positive perspective, I've thought of how a new name might reflect me and what I like to write about better. 

There are some practical considerations for my readers. I'm going to try to update Bloglovin through their support people so that I can change the URL but keep the followers. My understanding is this is possible. I want to make it so anyone typing the site's current URL will be redirected to the new one and that any existing links will update. That's the part I'm having difficulty figuring out. I'm going to probably keep my YouTube name the same because I don't do enough with my channel right now to justify the extra effort — I definitely don't want to have to make a new channel. I'll get a new email address but keep the current one active, and my Twitter will stay the same. I think I can migrate Disqus and keep all my comments, too, but again, the devil is in the implementation.

What do you guys think? I haven't told you the name I settled on in case I can't figure out how to change it and am stuck. Have you ever had to do redirects and such? Can I do this without wrecking everything and having to start from scratch? Did you lose readers?

And can anyone recommend a good nerd to help me who won't roll his or her eyes too much?


  1. I actually found your blog through a comment you posted on Alex Franzen's post where you spoke about this very thing (having read something on that horrid snarky website about website names such as yours, and it making you feel really insecure about your own). So it makes me super sad/angry that such catty, horrid people can make you feel so unsure and embarrassed about it :( I personally think that if it is truly and only coming from this place of embarrassment then you should absolutely stick to your guns and not be swayed by the comments of nasty little people who don't have as much drive and ambition as you do to actually DO what you are doing. However, if, like you said, there is some truth to you thinking it is "uncreative and holding you back" then it's worth giving some thought to, as that's a legitimate concern to have about any aspect of your blog/business/whatever, any time. If it feels right and you think it will make you happy in the long term then do it, but if you can imagine yourself, months after the name change, feeling regretful that you did something because you felt almost bullied into it, then it's not worth it.

  2. Naming a blog is hard! I've never changed my blog name, but I have changed the URL...and maybe it's just that I'm so not a computer girl, but I would never want to have to do that again. So my probably way-too-long blog name is here to stay. :P

  3. Oy. So it's obvious that I've been thinking about this way too long. I think that what makes it hard to stick to my guns is that I didn't give my name a lot of thought. I didn't consciously think of my name adhering to some convention, because Noun and Noun titles for things are so common that it didn't register. Anything from Pride and Prejudice to Pints and Purls (the knitting group I'm in) uses that format. I just wanted to write a blog and needed a title, and that's the first thing that came to mind. A year later, I'm still writing here, and that's longer than I've stuck to a lot of hobbies.

    The longer I write my blog, the less into the "business" notion of it I feel. I have a job, and when I think of what "being successful with my blog" looks like, I think, "getting awesome and numerous comments from people!" and "giving someone something fun or distracting or inspiring to read or look at!" more than "getting free stuff to review!" and "having tons of giveaway participants!" And I'm just not into that.

    Even dancing around the periphery of mentioning that site is making oneself a target. I've seen what happens when someone finds themselves written about on there and then writes about how hurt they feel, and that just fuels the vitriol spewed about them. And it sucks to think "putting yourself out there" makes you deserving of anyone being able to say anything about you. Those chicks have a right to say whatever they want, just like I do, and I make no judgments about the type of people they are because I don't know them. I'm not curing cancer over here by posting pictures of my new shoes. So I'm not putting them on blast, I'm not saying "woe is me," I just wouldn't mind keeping my world and theirs separate if possible.

    I'm a totally flawed, insecure woman who lacks the courage of her convictions about a lot of things. What I have the courage of my convictions about is my writing. I love writing and I think what I write has value. People like you reading it reassures me of that.

    Do I think a new title would be a good move for reasons other than what originally got me thinking of this? Yes. Will I wait until I'm sure I'm not just being motivated by teasing? Yes. I don't like reacting from a place of anxiety because it just blows up in my face.

  4. so here's what i think: just change your blog name w/out changing the URL. if you look at my url and my blog name, they're different. if i nwanted to change both, then all of the images and links on my site would be broken links and that meant i would either have to write a script to fix it or manually do it myself and ain't nobody got time fo' dat! so i just changed my blog name and left the URL the same. no one had to change anything and they just got used to it. also save me extra $$ from having to buy another domain name.

    sometimes a blog facelift is necessary for a 'fresh start'. i say go for it :)

    Vodka and Soda

  5. I've noticed that about your site, and it's a valid option. It's also possible a new name would be met with, meh, I liked the old one better, but at least I'd be more into it personally. I might just let the idea marinate and see if I'm still into changing it, or if some other fixation rises to take this one's place!

  6. I've never thought your blog name was too long. Another reason to just avoid the hassle is that I've never put much thought to other blogs' titles. Titles don't sway me, content does.

  7. Kathy brings up a good point... hadn't thought about it that way!! Gives you more time to fin out what you're comfortable with, too.

  8. Yeah, it's never prevented me from finding Kathy's site.

  9. First, I never read Cosmo, but I'm going to pick up the issue you're featured in because that's so exciting! I can't wait to read it. Second, I'm talking to an expert on a Google webmaster forum right now to try to get past my main hurdle to see if this is even a possibility.