Disco super bargain fly

Sequin top, Nasty Gal (here's a vintage checkerboard sequin top on Etsy) // Perfect Fit long-sleeved tee, J. Crew //
Cardigan, Target // Blue flared coat, Guess, from an outlet (similar color) (similar silhouette) // Levi's Curve ID jeans //
Francesca's bag (similar)// ShoeDazzle Shalene boots (similar)

Whenever I browse styles on Nasty Gal, I'm taken aback by how out of my price range so many items are, and how ridiculously marked down they all are eventually.

I spotted this Disco Moves Tank, originally $58, before when it was slightly reduced. I spotted it again recently for $5 final sale, with only size small left. Such a heavy discount justified the risk of the shirt not fitting. Now it's sold out, but there's still multiple sizes available of a matching skirt.

I like the top, but $58 is ludicrously overpriced. The shape is billowy, but the sequins give it structure, and that means it doesn't skim over the body, so it's not the most flattering if you have a larger bust. It's also got some finishing issues, with long plastic threads poking out when they should have been woven in or cut short or something. That's an easy enough problem for me to remedy, but it would have annoyed me a lot if I'd paid full price for the top.

Everything else is a well-worn closet oldie aside from my beanie. I finished it last week and adore it. I restarted that hat twice! The first time, the ribbing pattern got shifted about an inch into my knitting, so I restarted. The second time, I can't even tell you what I did, but I kept knitting away for days before I finally accepted that I was doing something gravely wrong and needed to unravel.

Speaking of knitting, this outfit, particularly the sequin top, was a hit with my knitting group, although I had to get on my soapbox when ladies were saying, "I couldn't pull that off" or "I would look like a hooker on a Sunday in that." First, hooker on a Sunday is a valid styling choice (see: Nasty Gal). Second, anyone can pull anything off! The key to sequins is to layer under and over with solids and wear more neutral, sophisticated accessories, such as a structured white bag.


  1. How in the damn world can they mark something down to $5 from $58?! Just goes to show how much they mark shit up to begin with. That's INSANE! I'm glad your stalking skills paid off! haha

  2. Gonna browse Nasty Gal right now :D

  3. I get into the same kinds of discussions with people who say, "I could never pull that off!" about the crazy stuff I wear, while I'm pretty much convinced that you can "pull off" anything that you want to. If by saying that you mean you don't want to wear what I wear, that's fine. But if you want to, why not give it a try?