Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow: Formula X For Sephora nail polish in Turbo, and a weekend update

I've never liked the color yellow, but last week, I became obsessed with getting a bright yellow, glittery polish after browsing Sephora's Formula X offerings. I'm trying to expand my palette.

This color is called Turbo from Formula X Electrics. The shade that I wanted originally was called Highlighter, from the same brand and quite similar, but maybe leaning a bit more toward gold. But it wasn't available at my Sephora, and this one was for some reason $2 less, so I just got it. Really, they're like the Olsens. They can pass as identical even though they're fraternal. This is why I keep a man around — for perspective about the negligible difference between colors.

Formula X For Sephora Turbo Swatch
In natural light.

This is four coats. Three was OK, but I thought the color looked more cheerful, less ratchet, at four. At three, it looks sort of radioactive, but at four, it's more canary yellow and very pretty, and 100 percent opaque.

With flash. Inexplicably hiding the bottle. #idontknowwhatimdoing

This was the second time that I painted my nails this color in as many days, and as I'm typing this, I'm on Day 2 of my third try. I blame my top coat. I've been using CND Air Dry for a while and I've at last decided that I hate it. There is so much hate in my heart toward that top coat. At first, I thought it was cool because it self-levels and forms a shell on top of the polish and looks very smooth. But then it starts to shrink away from the tip of the nail, exactly where my chips start, and my polish starts cracking like egg shells within the day. I'm now trying Sally Hansen Insta Dri.


I'm off on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Despite the fact that the cold and snow gave me every excuse to be my usual hermit self, I made a point of socializing. I very badly need to break out of my crazy-making rut and give my brain less reign over the rest of me. Stupid brain.

So on Wednesday, I went to a knitting/drinking meetup and met some awesome chicks. It's fun to sit at a restaurant with a bunch of people who are knitting. Other diners don't know what to make of you, and if they side-eye you too much, you can go and poke them with your knitting needles. I'm working on a ribbed hat with a ball of self-striping Noro yarn in black, gray, purple, pink and yellow.

On Thursday, I went to have coffee and browse some shops with my friend Sophie and her little boy, Felix. To call him an adorable, precocious little genius is an understatement. I had so much fun with the two of them, and Sophie was far too nice about me being almost an hour late.  

Guys, I'm not the best driver. Pittsburgh is the worst city to drive in, because it was designed by people who I can only assume were drawing where bridges should go with a crayon held between their teeth while drunk and being spun around in a chair by another drunk person. GPS is useless because it tells you "right," and that doesn't always mean "right" in Pittsburgh. You can stay on what you think is the same tine of the fork in the road and realize that you've gone on a different road and be rerouted a way that adds 15 minutes to your trip.

And it was snowing. I may or may not have crashed into a curb.


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Hope you all have an awesome day.


  1. i've had to cool it with my crocheting because i gave myself carpal tunnel again! this was after cranking out 8 scarves for friends and family and one for myself.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Wow... I actually LOVE that nail polish and I'm like you - usually yellow isn't my thang. It's the sparkles!!!!

  3. THE SPARKLES! And also I needed a color break from all the gloom outside. I'm sad you didn't mention the Harry Potter reference in the title, because I am certain you got it!

  4. Can I just say I'm a jerk with my knitting? I don't knit for anyone. I made my husband a hat. That's it. I got yarn more than a year ago to make my former coworkers scarves, and those scarves have not happened.

  5. whats an hour anyway? we had a great time! x

  6. I just have one yellow nail polish..normally I don't imagine that I would like the color much for nails, but it definitely looks better than I thought it would. (And I find photographing nail polish/my fingernails insanely hard!!)

  7. We did! I can't wait until it's less nasty outside so going places is less of an ordeal.

  8. Conveying the detail in a nail color is hard. The people who photograph their manicures all the time must be very patient.