My mandatory sappy New Year post

A new year isn't really a new beginning.

But it's a great time to remind myself to tell a new story, one that starts in medias res. 2013 was a better year than several before it. I'm happy to have the events of 2013 as my backstory. 

This time a year ago, I was in Santa Fe, enjoying a chill get-together with my close friends at our little apartment, while thinking to myself, I will be somewhere else next New Year's Eve.

Sure enough, by May, I was in Pittsburgh. And as weird and woo woo as it sounds, it feels like I was always heading here. When I look back, I see the clues. I stressed and cried and worried for so long because I was unhappy where I was and with how my life was going. But as soon as I did the whole "surrendering it all to God" thing, I got an email about a job that I thought I'd never hear back from.

Well, here I am. And I am so happy to be here.

The beginning of 2013 was fun. One of my favorite memories is from when I took the most fantastic trip of my life with my husband, visiting family and friends all over the East Coast — and going to the Harry Potter theme park! — and spending a nice chunk of time in D.C., which I had always wanted to visit.

I also remember going to see a tarot reader early in 2013 in Santa Fe who I had visited once before. I  asked her all sorts of questions, trying to get my not insignificant amount of money's worth. I asked her about jobs and babies in particular. The psychic said that I definitely needed something to do, and that having a baby would be a wonderful choice, and that she could see me getting a new job but staying in Santa Fe. Not what I wanted to hear, the staying put in NM part.

I guess I did have a baby, of sorts, and a new "job" that started in Santa Fe: this blog. My little but mighty corner of the Internet has given me so much motivation. I needed an outlet, I needed to be creative and I needed something to look forward to, and my website has been all that. Every time I get a comment, or when a co-worker will say they loved something that I wrote, or when a friend I've lost touch with says she watches my videos and always wants to go buy everything that I recommend, I do a happy dance. If you're reading this, thank you. Love you. Mean it. Virtual hug!

I have positive feelings about 2014. I'm in a great city. I have an awesome job. I'm meeting wonderful people. I have big plans and dreams with the man I'm in love with, who is my best friend. We got closer than ever this year, and he's taught me so much about kindness and unconditional love. I'm so happy that, God willing, I'm going to have him as my midnight New Year's Eve kiss until I'm old and gray* (*probably dyeing my hair crazy pastel colors on top of the gray and still doing Curlformer sets, but still. When we're both old).

Here's to telling a wonderful story in 2014, wherever your story is starting.


  1. So jealous about the HP theme park. I simply MUST go!

  2. I lived in Florida most of my life and in Orlando for four years, and I moved away right when the Wizarding World was opening! I made it a point to go back! You will love it.

  3. Sounds like an altogether great year for you! It's cool to take a look back and see how far you've come! And I didn't get my midnight kiss this year because the husband was already asleep. :P Oh well, just postponed a few hours...

  4. I've had a few years where my husband and I couldn't kiss until after midnight! This year it just worked out.

  5. blogging is such an amazing thing, isn't it? it still amazes me how connected you can be with others through simple words and feel so close to them. is that weird? sometimes i wonder if it is and sometimes i feel that i'm closer to my blog pals than some of my real life friends!!! ok, that IS weird LOL

    lurked your ass from meemee (love her!)

    Vodka and Soda

  6. I tell my husband stories about people and what they're up to, and he'll ask, "Who is this again?" and I sheepishly answer, "Oh, some blogger I follow."

    I am lost in love with Amanda and she knows it! And now I will lurk your ass!

  7. A Florida to Pittsburgh girl! Rock on! I'm the opposite, Pittsburgh to Florida, but not by my choice, seeing as how I was too young to pay rent. My whole family is still in The 'Burgh though including my mom and I visit often. And yes, I, too, lurked you via The MeeMee.

  8. I need to send that woman a bottle of booze to thank her for all the lurkers! I lurk your blog, too, because of her! I told her we need to blate in Pittsburgh, so the next time you're in the 'Burgh, you should bring her along! Are you still in Florida? All my family moved away from there recently.