Anachronistic fashion inspiration

Were I the richest woman on the planet, my wardrobe would look like a museum of fashion history merged with the costume department of a science fiction film.

Consider it a side effect of my Doctor Who obsession. Or my research of steampunk and cyberpunk for the novel I started writing for NaNoWriMo (and still have to finish). Or just my deep appreciation for fashion and archetypes and how looks evolve.

There's something really sexy about over the top, impractical, out-of-its-proper-time style. That's why Dita Von Teese is so beloved as a style icon — she really commits to this retro mood and era in everything she does, and that's so glamorous.

I love so much from so many eras, even eras that are just hypothetical! I love high Victorian lace collars. I love futuristic silhouettes with modern (and somewhat kinky!) materials like latex and neoprene and metals. I love sexy cutouts. I love curve-enhancing jumpsuits and rompers and high waists. And corsets. I know women have been liberated from societal pressure to wear corsets, but can't we just wear them for fun sometimes? Hell, I even love eighties neon and plastic jewelry.

If you could travel in time to any style era, what would it be? Do you think there's any item that you could incorporate in your wardrobe that's reminiscent of that era?


  1. The Victorian era definitely has some really attractive elements...and I think I would like a corset but only if it were actually comfortable and not squeezing me. I don't want to be squeezed. I LOVE full skirts and a lot of the elements of 50s fashion. Cut-outs I don't like though--my pasty white skin does NOT need to be seen. :P

  2. I'm gonna have to say 60's. I have a couple skirts that are tea length and on the swooshier side!

  3. "museum of fashion history merged with the costume department of a science fiction film" Perfect description of my dream wardrobe as well haha. I would probably pick 1950's/1960's housewife/socialite dresses mixed with some super modern/futuristic style (fifth element anybody?)

    Love corsets. I'm thinking of buying a nice whalebone one off etsy for "everyday" wear :D

    x atelier zozo

  4. Sounds like the Jetsons! I fully support the corsets!

  5. You say "pasty white," I say porcelain! Cutouts take a lot of boldness I don't always possess.

  6. 60s makes me think of Mrs. Peel. She was a babe. Love the clothes.