Revitalize your style in the new year

Revitalize your style

Play with a new palette. I'm realizing I wear a ton of blue. It's not even my favorite color, but it's everywhere I look in my closet! That gets boring. Try a new signature color or set of colors. If you're all about bold colors, put your multicolored handbag in a safe spot in your closet and try a camel one on for size. You might hate it, or you might find yourself seeing everything you already own and pieces in stores with fresh eyes.

Embellish. Scarves finish an outfit and are inexpensive. Get solid scarves in every color if you wear a lot of patterns, and patterned scarves if you wear solids. Shoe clips are something I can't believe I just found out about that I am now desperate to play with. 

DIY. Cut dresses into shirts, take the sleeves off old sweaters to make arm warmers, add lace trim to a pair of shorts you rarely wear and upcycle unworn necklaces by taking them apart carefully with pliers and combining the pieces you like onto a new chain. Check out sites like Brit + Co. and P.S. I Made This for a ton of "I never would have thought of that" wardrobe customization ideas.

Channel an era. I went mod early in college with bangs, shift dresses with geometric prints and white liquid liner. No, you can't see pictures. But I had the right idea to be inspired by an archetype or a moment in fashion history. You don't have to wear a full-on Marilyn Monroe costume if you admire how she looked. Try on an hourglass dress that hugs your curves for fancy outings, then toss a T-shirt over it on errand days. Be brave enough to bring back classics in fresh ways.

Go thrift shopping. It's easy to justify experimenting if the shirt you're unsure about is $3. I don't have a ton of experience with thrift shopping, but the jumpsuit I love is from an adorable South Side Pittsburgh vintage shop, and I've found gorgeous barely worn tops at the Goodwill.

Extrapolate your uniform. Think of what makes you feel great, the silhouettes you gravitate to out of habit. You don't have to ditch that to update your wardrobe. Say you wear your favorite miniskirt so often that you worry people think you never do laundry. That item obviously works great for you, so why not find something similar in a different fabric or pattern? I own black Toms in canvas, crochet and glitter because I can't get enough of the comfy shoes, and I think black is easy. I'm also a cardigan queen who buys up the same style I like in every color. Sometimes, the best way to update your style is to refine it, pinpointing the types of clothes you won't get sick of after two wears.


  1. I'm obsessed with black. 90% of my clothes, shoes, and accessories are black. I think I need to work more on my embellishments!

  2. I think putting a few colors that you never wear or don't wear much of is a great way to change up your wardrobe and make it feel new!

  3. I'm glad you agree! I should have mentioned one way that I realized which stuff I didn't wear much — my husband would always put clean clothes in a specific spot in the closet, and that stuff would get reworn and everything else would be pushed to the back. Lots of blue was front and center!

  4. Black is so sexy, though! If that's your uniform, that's an excellent palette to start with!