Sunday Pinspiration No. 18: Knit like a beast

When I started knitting, I got lots of teasing. But go pick up a fashion magazine or stroll through Nordstrom. Knitwear isn't grandma, it is chic. There's even a Vogue Knitting magazine. The next time you see a girl knitting and feel compelled to tease her, ask yourself, "Self, when was the last time you took two sticks and a ball of string and whipped up a piece of wearable art?" Oh, never?

Anyone can knit, and if you've never tried it, there are so many books and YouTube videos that show you the process. There are free patterns online, often rated by difficulty level, and books like the Stitch n Bitch series. Knitwear can be old-fashioned or totally avant garde. Knitting is challenging but relaxing, you can do it while watching TV, it's portable, and it renews your appreciation of fashion. I like projects like hats that work up fast, and I like bright colors and natural fibers, like the cool color-changing Noro yarns. I also love the look of crochet projects, which I have yet to learn how to do.

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