Sunday Pinspiration: Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence and I have a broadmance in my head. She is my woman crush. I just want to hang out with her and eat burgers and drink beer because I think we would be best friends in real life. And I'm convinced that's not a pipe dream — she's from my husband's hometown, Louisville, and was my stepmother-in-law's student in elementary school. Her mom runs in the same social circles as some of our family in The Ville, so we're basically cousins, right? Right.

Why do I love Jennifer? For one thing, she's bawdy and hilarious. For another, she's supernova hot and I just want to look at her all day. And she's freaking Katniss Everdeen. Catching Fire comes out this week, after what has felt like five years of waiting, and it looks so much more powerful and thrilling and true to the novel than its cinematic predecessor.

But my favorite thing about Jennifer is she just seems like a genuine and kind human being. When I read about her rushing off the red carpet to comfort a crying little girl in a wheelchair and take pictures with her, and saw the video of her talking quietly with the fan and kissing her on the cheek, I was so touched. She could have kept walking. She could have followed protocol. She could have made it into a big deal of a publicity stunt. But no. She's just good peoples. And wouldn't you know it, the beyotch even looks good with short hair. Swoon.

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