Sunday Pinspiration: Home decor that doesn't make me gag

Home decor pins on my Pinterest feed nauseate me. It's all so twee, so impractical, so Stepfordized. I want my place to be homey and colorful and FUN, not feel like a hotel room where I'll get billed for breaking something!

But Peter Pan herself is contemplating being a real live grown-up and buying a home. Oh yeah, I'm flipping through Home Buying Kit for Dummies, I'm browsing homes on the Zillow iPhone app and driving around Pittsburgh suburbs with Eric, getting a feel for different neighborhoods. It's so early in the process that I don't even consider us to be in the process. Still, I'm envisioning pinup-girl prints framed in a master bathroom, gray walls and bright bedding, and a sci-fi/fantasy inspired nursery when we start having mini-babes. I want to decorate my house without having to hire someone and spend money I don't have.

This is a pin-happy board that I'll keep adding to, so if you like what you see now, please feel free to follow it! Happy Sunday.

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