Fandom life lessons

Readers of this blog know me as a Whovian, but my real-life friends know this isn't the first fandom I've gotten carried away with.

I've been thinking about why I love certain shows and books, what meaning they bring to my life aside from entertainment. A few of the lessons I've learned from a few of the fictitious worlds I've lived in as a fangirl, where words on a page can make you sob yourself into a coma or do a happy dance and grin like an idiot:

Harry Potter taught me ...

... that even if you think you're the most ordinary person there is, your power can surprise you. The little boy neglected by his family can grow up to save the world. The dork no one took seriously can stand up to a tyrant. Even J.K. Rowling's real life shows how much someone can build from nothing.

... that even if you think you have to fight your battles alone, your friends will stand by your side.

... that "what's comin' will come, an' we'll meet it when it does." Thank you, Hagrid.

... that we all have darkness inside, but we can choose to act in the light.

Doctor Who taught me ...

... that whether it's a bowtie or a Roman warrior's garb, Converses or red stilettos, it's important for your own confidence to put on a show with your wardrobe. To hell with raggedy!

... that in the aftermath of unspeakable loss, you must mourn, and you must travel onward.

... that cleverness is the best resource and can even make up for lacking anything else to fight with. Sonic screwdriver optional.

... that we live many lives in our existence, make many mistakes, have companions who stick around and ones that leave us forever, and that it's all significant. We're all stories in the end. Lucky for us, we get to choose how we tell our stories and how to find something inspiring in the heartbreak.

The Hunger Games taught me ...

... that even when you really really REALLY don't want to do something because you don't think you have it in you to survive it or to even care enough, you can find the will to do it.

... that food is precious. It's fuel and life force and something to be enjoyed, not to stress out and feel shame over.

... that a world where children aren't safe is going nowhere.

... that the person who should be by your side is the one who makes you feel hope and see possibilities in life, not someone who shares your worst traits. I am lucky to be married to someone who is my version of "the dandelion in the spring."

Sex and the City taught me ...

... that walking in a woman's shoes can be hard, and sometimes, you need extra special ones to make the walk more fun. And you shouldn't be made to apologize for that!

... that love will hunt you down no matter how cynical or uninterested in it you are.

... that absolutes don't apply to relationships. "Good" guys can hurt you, "bad" guys can stay bad until the millionth second chance you give them, or, you know, they could just stay bad and you should be strong enough to say, "Peace, playa." You can make those judgment calls, and don't have to let any trite advice column make them for you.

... that cosmopolitans, while cliche and girly, are freaking delicious. Another round!

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