Autumn additions

I'm embracing the gloomy Pittsburgh fall — not so gloomy, really, if you focus on the gorgeous red and orange trees and not the dark, gray sky — and gravitating toward richer makeup shades and scents.

I talked a bit about E.L.F. Pink Passion blush, a glorious steal for $3. A blue-toned, bubblegum pink blush is the way to go when you're owning your cooler-weather paleness. The pigmentation on this is from outer space. It will show up gorgeously on even the darkest of complexions, I'm sure.

My late-summer love for berry lip shades has become more fervent as the temperatures have dropped. I've been reaching for MAC Lustreglass in Decorative. That one's been in my collection for a while. It's a buildable brownish berry with gold and pink glitter and feels good and slippery on my lips.

Despite earlier proclamations of how put off I was by the cost, I did pick up a Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Mauve Shimmer Ink. A little gray, a little brown, maybe purpley if you squint. The multicolored shimmer in this is noticeable only up close, making this suitable even for the office — it's just made more dimensional by the sparkles.

From top: E.L.F. Pink Passion, MAC Decorative, Bobbi Brown Black Mauve Shimmer Ink

In fragrance, I've been loving Tokyomilk Dark in Bittersweet. Described as smelling of cake flour, dark cacao bean, osmanthus and bronzed musk, it smells like a very elegant chocolate dessert, bittersweet like the name suggests and like a more sophisticated version of the chocolate bubble bath I used to love in middle school. That whole line of perfume needs to be experienced, it's unlike anything else I've encountered.

And finally, I spent a long swatch sesh at Sephora trying all the new Formula X polishes. I got Vroom, a metallic rose gold. In some lights it looks champagne (think Urban Decay Sin but in polish form) and in others it's the prettiest pink. I've worn it by itself and with a Formula X confetti topcoat called Turbulent. Unfortunately, the wear time sucks, but everything on this earth chips off my nails so that's to be expected.

Expect more vampy picks in the months to come. This aesthetic is inspiring me!

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