Top 10 wild hopes for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary

Bling bling, space and time ain't a thing

November 23rd is a sacred date in the Whoniverse, the day of the 50th anniversary special. This wishlist of what I want to see in the much-hyped episode has a ridiculous amount of spoilers, so if you haven't watched the Season 7 finale "The Name of the Doctor," avert your gaze now!

(And let me get this out of the way — I'm stoked about Peter Capaldi. He'll do great as Twelve.)

It's been said that the 50th anniversary will be a "love letter" to fans. And boo boo, I can write a love letter like no one's business. If it were up to me, we'd get to see:

10. Scenes from Gallifrey and the Time War. A well-executed flashback can be great for exposition on TV. To celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who, we should go back to where it all began, and to the Time War that so affected the Doctor. Show me more of those orange skies and silver trees.

9. A baby Human!Doctor. I think every fan of Rose and Ten was torn over Rose's romantic fate — on the one hand, she had her own, human version of her beloved Doctor. On the other hand, it was a bit like getting a barbecue grill as a consolation prize when you don't win the brand new car. She got gypped! Assuming that the Rose we see in the 50th anniversary isn't from the Doctor's past (I don't know how much of the story will be set within the Doctor's time scar, where the last season left off), we'll see an update of Rose's life with her Doctor-ish partner. Could Rose and her Doctor's happy ending include a kiddo?

8. Rose interacting with Eleven. Remember when Rose had to deal with the Doctor's regeneration and had no idea what to think or whether he was really the same person? I can't wait to see what that reaction is like when she meets Eleven and what their chemistry will be like, especially given Billie Piper's friendship with Matt Smith. Will Rose and Eleven flirt and hit it off? Will Ten be jealous, or amused? Will all sorts of inappropriate innuendo be made?

7. Some Doctor on Doctor bromance. The behind-the-scenes of David Tennant and Matt Smith getting on like old college roommates melted me. This dynamic playing out between their characters will be so fun! Will Ten give Eleven crap about his bow tie, and will Eleven retort some clever quip about Ten's Converse addiction? If at any moment Ten tries out Eleven's catchphrase "Geronimo" or tells him that bowties are cool, or if either of them says, "Are you my mummy?" I can die happy.

6. Christopher Eccleston. I know he has said repeatedly he's not involved in the 50th anniversary, and I know he left on not-great terms. But come ON! Forgive and forget! Plus, if Rule No. 1 is "the Doctor lies," Rule No. 2 is "the showrunners lie, too."

5. Something to make my brain explode. I want to have my psyche scattered into ashes all across my living room carpet. I want to see something marvelous and unbelievable on screen, at the level of when we learned River Song's true identity.

4. Diligent storytelling. Too often lately, plot holes are shrugged off with a "wibbly-wobbly, timey whimey" excuse, and dangers threatening the universe are easily subdued by the wave of a sonic screwdriver. No. Just NO. Don't be lazy, writers. You're writing for an intelligent and fiercely passionate audience. Quit insulting us.

3. River Song. Rose is the Doctor's One True Love, his soulmate, his twin flame. I will not hear otherwise! I also love River Song. I think the relationship between River and Eleven is so complex. There was always this teasing sexual tension between them, even when he was unsure what role she'd play in his future and resented being in the dark. Their relationship seemed the most real and tender in "The Angels Take Manhattan" (think back to him healing her wrist and kissing her hand, and her chastising him about wasting regenerative energy with his own line, "You embarrass me!" Very "married couple.") By "The Name of the Doctor," it was obvious that in his own way, Eleven had real love and affection toward River.

2. A purpose for the dark Doctor. The cliffhanger with John Hurt sets up some giant expectations, but for what? The main theory is that John Hurt's Doctor is a discarded regeneration between Eight and Nine, the Doctor responsible for whatever horrible acts were committed to end the Time War. But the Doctor has always been quite open about his involvement, so where's the secret? Did this version of the Doctor do something even worse? Or are the details of that horrible day in Gallifrey just far more gruesome and despicable than we were led to believe?

1. A feeling that this show will live on another 50 years. Something as major as the 50th anniversary should feel major. This episode should make such an emotional impact that we think its legacy, like the Doctor unbound by space and time, can be eternal. Will our future grandchildren be Whovians? Spoilers!

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