Shop your makeup and style personality: The Fitch Twins

I stopped watching Skins after the second-generation cast left. While Cassie stole my heart in the original gang in the brilliant British series, the second generation was all about the Fitch twins.

Emily's quiet intensity and Katie's aggressive confidence were as fascinating as the real-life Prescott twins' crimson hair on the show. For this installment of Shop Your Makeup Personality, I'm mixing things up by deconstructing the pair's fashion choices.

Shop your makeup + style personality: Fitch Twins

Emily: The younger twin has a childlike sense of style. In early appearances, she's seen with bows in her hair, wearing dainty prints and sweet sweaters.

Later in the series, she's less baby doll, more cutesy indie chick. You'll see her in opaque tights and leggings and lots of layers in different colors. Her vibe is more comfortable and casual, reflecting a more relaxed and confident mindset. The comfy Toms and messenger bag are perfect for the scooter-riding Em.

With that glorious crimson mane, there's little need for much jewelry or showy makeup. Some quirky earrings and a pretty pink lip will do. I know first-hand how hard it is to maintain red hair. This crazy a color would require bleaching (eek!) and mad amounts of Manic Panic. A nice glossing serum makes the color seem even more intense, like it's glowing.

My beauty picks for Emily:

Manic Panic hair dye in Wildfire or Vampire Red (or a mix!)

Rimmel Show Off/Apocalips in Celestial

Lush Rose Jam shower gel (I haven't sniffed this yet, but doesn't it sound fabulous?)

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum

Katie: The Alpha Cat of the second generation may go for posh, but those diamonds have sharp edges.

Katie is ladylike and tough. The bustier reminded me of her famous "I'm Katie Fucking Fitch!" scene, and would be such a delightfully naughty contrast for the prim tweed blazer. Leather skinnies are subversive, a classic and understated silhouette that still screams BAD GIRL. A luxury logo — whether the item is legit or not — is something a Katie type would covet and display prominently, hence the Chanel earrings. And those lace-detail booties? I can't even. Guys, I can't even deal.

A bombshell like Katie Effing Fitch is always done up and doesn't tiptoe away from bold looks. She'd splurge for a luxury name, because for her, anything less just doesn't cut it. A high-end finishing powder, some preventive eye cream and a glamorous fragrance would be party of her turn-up-the-sexy routine.

My beauty picks for Katie:

Stella by Stella McCartney perfume (an elegant but unprissy rose fragrance)

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Venom (or MAC Rebel — a dark, bold berry is so Katie)

NARS Light Reflecting Powder (a personal favorite of mine!)

Lancome Genifique eye cream

Click here for shopping info on the clothes. Are you an Emily, a Katie, or a mix of the two?

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