Outfit of the (yester)day: Slow clap for the fashion bloggers

Dear Fashion Bloggers,

You deserve a slow clap and a standing ovation every day for doing what you do. You come up with imaginative outfits every day, find groovy spots for photo shoots and pose for your DSLR portraits like you're in a Lucky editorial. And you take the time to find links for all the pieces or similar items. You are superheroes.

This is about what happens when mere mortals with iPhone cameras try to be you.

Now Liz, couldn't you have taken this seriously?

I didn't even come up with this outfit. Oh no. I was inspired by my wifey's outfit on the same day. Brittany was scared to show her beautiful face on my blog, but here's the outfit, down to the brown boots.

I was going for a Jenna Lyons look, complete with the hipster glasses and the red orange lip rocked in J. Crew style guides. But all those America's Next Top Model marathons in college didn't teach me jack, because I can't pose worth a crap. I instinctively show off my least flattering angles.

And lighting is really hard!
In the end, I didn't even wear the outfit to work. I swapped the pink cardigan for a green and white polka dotted one and took a mirror selfie because my photographer/hubs had already left for work.

Oh well. At least I looked cute.

Pink cardigan from Target (similar contrast trim style)

Green polka dot cardigan from Target (similar, in navy)

Denim shirt from J. Crew (here, possibly a lighter wash)

Perfect Fit T-shirt from J. Crew (here — best T-shirt you'll ever wear)

Jeggings and boots from Ross

Necklace from Forever 21 (here) (similar) (another similar one)

Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie lipstick in Live It Up

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