Ducks, Pirates and Chryslers

I'm happy because:

1. It's my WEEKEND! I need it. I'm putting it out there that I intend to check out a yoga studio before I get back to the office.

2. The Pirates beat the Reds! Not that I'm a baseball fan, or sports fan at all, but I love the energy in the city right now. The team hasn't had a winning season since 1992 or something, and to now be in the playoffs has electrified everyone.

3. I got a car! After seven years and two cross country moves with my crummy little Lancer, I've finally traded up. I bought a sweet Chrysler Sebring that's in excellent shape from a private owner at a good price. And now all my Pennsylvania paperwork is straightened out. Thank God.

4. There is a giant, inflatable rubber duck on the Allegheny River.

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