Dripping blood manicure + Meeting iJustine in Pittsburgh!

Hey guys! We're skipping Sunday Pinspiration this week because we've got  Halloween nails to discuss.

But first, I'm so excited and starstruck because I met iJustine!

YouTube goddess Justine Ezarik is from Pittsburgh, and was at the SouthSide Works Crazy Mocha yesterday for a meetup. She was so beautiful and sweet in person (and so petite! She's as short as I am!). A little boy a few places in front of me in line knocked her iced coffee on the floor, clear on its lid, and she was just gracious and cleaned it up real quick and took a picture with the kid. The girls in line behind me were fangirling so hard. They'd been in line for a second hug, I gathered, and they were saying, "Justine, we'll clean it up for you!"

She complimented my handmade scarf, and we chatted a bit about the gold iPhone she's waiting to get. She seems like one of those lit-from-within people who are just bursting with positivity. Adore her. 

Now, onto my blood splatter manicure! Whether you want to add extra gore to your costume or are stuck in the office but still want to feel festive for Halloween, this nail art couldn't be more simple. I used a base coat and then two coats of China Glaze White on White

Next, I used Formula X for Sephora in Pyrotechnic to do a messy French tip and make a few dots. I wiped the excess on the brush against the mouth of the polish bottle, then painted thin lines connecting the dots to the "pool" of blood at the tip.

To add dimension, I painted over random portions of the cherry red polish with an oxblood/maroon shade. This one is MAC Vintage Vamp

I waited until that was mostly dry before sealing the design with CND Air Dry Fast-Set Top Coat. Dunzo before you can even finish watching the Today Show podcast.

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