5 brilliant beauty tips

Sometimes, I scour beauty magazines and Twitter for tips and don't find anything new. It's a lot of the same useful but standard advice. Luckily, every girl has her own easy little strategies that work for them, so here are some of mine that I hope will make you look even hotter than you already do!

Smile! It's the best beauty trick you'll ever hear.

1. Sandwich your foundation between primer and setting spray. The Smashbox Photo Finish primer (which you DO NOT need to buy a big bottle of — the small size lasts forever) glides over big pores and fine lines. It's a product I never imagined using but that I now adore. I like to put it on, then use foundation, and then use a setting spray before powder. The NYX Matte Spray smells disgusting but works a treat. I find that doing this before setting powder gives a more natural finish and prevents the powder from looking cakey, since the spray really helps the foundation melt into your skin.

2. Double up on blush. I never know where to put blush. Cheekbones? Apples? Aligned with the outer corner of the eye and blended up? So here's my experiment. I use a contouring brush to apply a darker blush, like Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Natural Beauty or Mary Kay's Bold Berry to the cheekbones, and then blending that with a pink or peach blush on the apples. I really dig how that looks. As always, just blend and don't overdo it!

3. Start lipliner on the outer corner of the mouth and lipstick at the center. The first trick here, I learned from a Pixiwoo video. Beginning with the outer corner of the lips and working in with liner makes you instinctively draw a fuller, more natural lip shape than if you started in the center. The second trick came from a girl at a MAC counter. She told me the reason you should start lipstick in the center is because it needs to be warmed up first. I think this prevents tugging, which can create a mess if you start applying lipstick at the thinnest part of your lips.

4. Apply eyeshadow wet for greater pigmentation and less fallout. Just make sure that you don't run a wet brush across the entire surface of the eyeshadow — the water could "seal" the powder in, leading to waste.

5. Pay attention to the outer half of your eyebrows. I get lots of compliments on how my brows look. But if there's one thing I have to remind myself to do, it's to make sure I've filled in the outer part enough. I think once you've done the arch, it's easy to forget to fill in the thinnest part and keep it in proportion to the fullest part. So just spend a little extra time there. You'll be surprised what a difference it'll make in your whole look.

What's your favorite easy beauty trick?

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