Sunday Pinspiration No. 13: If I was a rich girl

I bought Guerlain Meteorites Teint Dore.

This is the first truly extravagant, luxury beauty product I've bought. Sure, I'll splurge on a $20 mascara  or go a little crazy at Lush. But a purchase like this? It makes me feel like this:

Guerlain Meteorites are legendary among makeupheads. The multicolored, subtly shimmering beads are meant to be used as a finishing powder that blurs imperfections, makes you look like you're constantly in flattering lighting, and manages your 401k account. So far, I'm very impressed. Is it worth the sticker shock? Time will tell. But it got me thinking about beauty splurges, those products that catch your eye in magazines, at the department store or on Pinterest, that you file away in your mental wish list and maybe treat yourself to eventually. Fancy skincare, decadent shower products, those really insanely expensive macadamia hair products at the drugstore. What's on your beauty wish list?

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