Sunday Pinspiration No. 11 — Nerding out for black and white, graphic makeup

Last night, I was so blown away by the creative black and white makeup looks I pinned for this board that I grabbed some black liner and started doodling on my face.

I didn't come up with anything nearly as good as these (the face QR code and the face within the face just killed me dead), but I'll work out some cool looks for you guys as Halloween approaches.

I'm taking this as a challenge to really up my makeup ante. Makeup artistry fascinates me, but I'm the first to admit that even the boldest smokey eye is pretty tame compared with what the real pros can accomplish. And I'm the kind of nutter who, when she sees someone rock at something, says, I have to be that good at that RIGHT NOW. I'm sure there's something pathological about that. We can't all be Samantha Chapman. But it's not such a horrible flaw to want to try, right?

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