I'm going to have to read this book*

I'd read about this book by Debora Spar in one of the lady mags (I think it was Glamour), but this interview with her in The New York Times makes me REALLY want to read it.

It's called Wonder Women: Sex, Power, and the Quest for Perfection. You know that infuriating question, "Can women have it all?" that manages to be belittling while setting the bar way too high? Yeah. The one that makes me feel miserable when my laundry is piled too high, I'm behind on my "adulting" (don't even get me started on trying to buy a car that'll pass the stupid Pennsylvania inspection) or I lose a subscriber on YouTube knowing full well that any random cat has more success on the site than I do.

Spar, who is president of the super-selective, all-female Barnard College, preaches the value of settling for good enough in your career, family life, etc., instead of brutalizing yourself to being the best at all of it. I have to lift this one quote directly from the interview (which you can read in full here) because the context is so necessary. It's about why Spar decided to have a breast reduction:
"I was walking in National Airport, I had a very big interview. It was actually with the C.I.A. I was feeling very professional, and I was wearing my graduation suit, sensible shoes and I had this briefcase. There was a man walking towards me in the airport, a good-looking older man. And as he passed me, he said, 'Wow, what a pair of tits.' I said, That’s it, they’re going off."
Can I get a hearty WTF to that? She had painful, major surgery because she thought a pair of big knockers would compromise her career.

Being a chick is hard. The contradictory demands we put on ourselves make me dizzy. I hope to God that my beauty blogging doesn't feed into the pressure to look a certain way, on top of all the other pressure we endure to try to have the kinds of lives that obnoxious Facebook statuses trick us into thinking are possible.

*All that being said, my overambitious reading list is THIS BIG, so I'm letting myself off the hook as far as when I get around to actually reading this, as brilliant as it sounds! I don't HAVE to do anything but stay tan and die.

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