3 stylish books to inspire your look

When you were a kid, did your school have book fairs? Oh, I loved those. I remember circling titles in the Scholastic catalogues we got in advance and going in with the exact amount of money I'd need. I think it was at a book fair that I got my first beauty book, Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty. Since then, I've picked up a lot of beauty and style books.

Here are three fashion guides worth checking out.

The Style Mentors by Elyssa Dimant 

Fashion archetypes! I'm such a sucker for anything that smacks of personality typing. This is part history book, part fashion porn and is laid out beautifully. It's divided into eight sections with profiles of celebrities who define each archetype: Icons, Mavericks, Sirens, Gamines, Bohemians, Minimalists, Rockers and Classicists. I'm all about the Siren silhouette and attitude, the Rocker's overstated glamour and the Bohemian's girlishness and whimsy.

That Extra Half An Inch by Victoria Beckham

Long live Queen Victoria. I just love love love Posh. You'd think the woman who famously looks like a supermodel whenever she steps off a plane wouldn't have relatable fashion advice, but her tips are practical. She's not patronizing, she's not exclusively rattling off designers an average person can't afford. Her principles for how pieces should fit are right on the moolah. The book covers everything from dressing for special occasions to tattoos to pregnancy and post-pregnancy style. Her "don'ts" aren't snobby or restrictive, and her tone is dishy and funny. I'm going to stop now, because I'm mad for the woman.

Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange

While too much of this book is about shopping and attractions if you actually find yourself in Paris, I love the general aesthetic it promotes. French women know how to dress well, managing to look sophisticated, glamorous yet understated, with some offbeat touches. Wearing your diamonds and Converse sneaks at the same time? I'm so there!

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