3 chick flicks you need to stream yesterday

I think a lot of people haven't been privileged enough to see a quality chick flick. Lucky for you, boo boo child, I'm not one of them. I've seen them all. Here are three of my awesome favorites.

Easy A

I think The Little Mermaid must have had a lingering effect on me, because 1) I married a guy named Eric, just like Ariel's prince, and 2) I'm obsessed with redheads and have dyed my hair every shade of crimson on the drugstore shelf. That's part of the reason I'm nuts about gingeriffic Emma Stone, who on top of being adorable can act her booty off.

So Stone, who we're supposed to believe is a high school nobody named Olive, pretends to have loud, filthy sexy times with her gay friend at a party so their stupid homophobic classmates will think he's straight and stop bullying him. Then another dude asks for the fictitious hookup, and another, and another, until poor Olive gets labeled the school slut without ever actually getting any!

Penn Badgley plays her sensitive and funny love interest. Amanda Bynes plays the mean girl, pre-psychotic breakdown. Stanley Tucci, who can do no wrong, plays her dad. Natasha Bedingfield's "Pocket Full of Sunshine" is played a lot. And Emma rocks killer corsets with her own scarlet "A" while saying scandalous and clever things. It's very quotable.

One of the morals of the story is one of the truths I live my life by: Be in on the joke. Olive quips and snarks her way through horrific humiliation, and gets her perfect 80s movie ending as a reward.

For A Good Time, Call ...

Lauren Anne Miller, who answers to Mrs. Seth Rogen, proves her hubby isn't the only one in the house who wears the clown pants in this insanely raunchy and fabulous romp that she co-wrote. You've got bubbly Ari Graynor as unstoppable bombshell Katie, and Miller as her uptight roommate, Lauren.

Lauren shacks up with her college enemy Katie after she gets dumped by her boyfriend for being "boring." Her life implodes further when she loses her job. She finds out Katie has secretly been working as a phone sex operator out of her bedroom. Seeing a job prospect, Lauren encourages Katie to start her own hotline and let her run the business side. Eventually, the explicit exchanges start to sound like the perfect way for Lauren to prove how not boring she is, and their hotline gets a second operator.

Miller's real-life husband is one of the kings of the bromance genre, and the best friends in this movie have what I consider a girlmance/broad-mance — an onscreen female friendship not limited to manicures and well-mannered, giggly conversations about boys. These girls fall in love with each other — not in a romantic way, but in a "I'd help you hide the body if you murdered someone and then take you out for a drink so we'd have an alibi" way. Inappropriate hilarity ensues.

There's a big subplot twist for Katie that I didn't see coming that makes her far more interesting and complex. Graynor is so talented that it makes me a little bit sick.

Pitch Perfect

I don't watch Glee. I saw the Britney Spears episode because I unironically, unapologetically love me some Britney, but that's it. Still, I can assert Pitch Perfect isn't Glee for the college set. It's more like Bring It On with singing and dancing. 

The only flaw with this movie is the gross-out bodily function gag that seems mandatory for any chick flick trying to appeal to dudes (think the food poisoning scene in Bridesmaids). I'll forgive it. 

Anna Kendrick plays a loner college freshman who stays in her dorm making epic track mash-ups instead of going to class. She joins an a cappella group on campus begrudgingly after being strongarmed into it by a naked Brittany Snow. She's courted by scrumptious Skylar Astin. He's a member of the rival group the Treblemakers, who gets no love for most of the movie because Kendrick's character has got major baggage about human interaction.

Rebel Wilson stole the whole movie. Her confidence is off the charts. The part could have been a throwaway stock character just there for cheap laughs, but Rebel crushes it

And then there's the singing and dancing. Can I please be in a competitive a cappella group? It looks so fun. The music selection rocked. I thought they did a really good job of making the performances seem like something that a bunch of students could come up with without the aid of a professional film choreographer. 

I could go on and on about this movie, but I won't. However, I must mention the meta theme about movies that stir your emotions, introduced by Astin's character and his obsession with film soundtracks and triumphant endings like in The Breakfast Club. The Grand Romantic Gesture in Pitch Perfect is the last word in grand romantic gestures. It's that spectacular. 


  1. Oh gosh Easy A and Pitch Perfect are two of my favourite movies - I can watch them over and over.

    1. There was a solid two-month stretch where I watched Easy A every day. It was my default background noise!

      And Pitch Perfect is one of those movies with a trailer that doesn't do it justice. You think it's going to be lame and silly, and it ends up being so clever!